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Testimonials- Deborah


Deborah has trusted Dr. Simpson to care for the oral health of her and her family for several years. Dr. Simpson and the staff at Abilene Aesthetic & Cosmetic Dentistry help patients of all ages feel at ease.

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DEBORAH: My family and I have been seeing Dr. Simpson for quite a long time. We’ve had all your basic cleanings, fillings, root canals. He’s done the Invisalign procedure for me and we’ve just really enjoyed coming here. It’s a family atmosphere. They take care of us. They take care of the kids. The kids enjoy even coming and we just really like it. It makes it not scary to go to the dentist. When I was sixteen, I had traditional braces put on and just through the years, not wearing your retainer caused them to shift again, and I didn’t want to go back to traditional braces. I’ve got two kids in them right now, and I just thought this would be a really neat way to do it, and so we’ve tried it, and I really enjoyed it. We’re still in the midst of straightening them but it’s working.

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I have used Dr Simpson for the last 20 years. I cannot say enough about how friendly, awesome and amazing he AND his staff are. I highly recommend him and his office! Amazing care and people! Terri C.

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