Invisalign® is a revolutionary orthodontic treatment available at Dr. Tim Simpson's Abilene, Texas dental practice. This technique straightens your teeth with clear, removable aligners that promote patient health and comfort.

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DR. TIM SIMPSON: Invisalign is a system of clear aligners that move your teeth from where they are to where you want them to be. The beauty of them is that hardly anybody knows that you’re wearing them unless you tell them or show them. The candidates for Invisalign range from those that have been treated previously with orthodontics and relapsed, to those with crowding and spaces between their teeth. The great majority of people with orthodontic problems can be treated with these invisible type of appliances.

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I have used Dr Simpson for the last 20 years. I cannot say enough about how friendly, awesome and amazing he AND his staff are. I highly recommend him and his office! Amazing care and people! Terri C.

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