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Dental Implants


Dental implants are a comprehensive solution to tooth loss available to Texas patients at Abilene Aesthetic & Cosmetic Dentistry. As an experienced cosmetic and restorative dentist, Dr. Simpson is able to improve the health and appearance of a patient's smile.

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DR. TIM SIMPSON: Dental implants are a treatment modality for treating missing teeth. You can treat anywhere from one tooth to many teeth and you can even treat people who have no teeth with implants. And that’s the wonderful thing about them is they’re so versatile and they make things that were unimaginable before their existence imaginable now. We can treat people that have no teeth to the point of a very high function with implant borne dentures. You can treat people that are missing a single front tooth almost to the point that it’s indistinguishable that they’re missing a tooth. So it’s revolutionized what we do and it’s pretty fun. You know, from my perspective and in the creative part of all of what we do, implants are a pretty wonderful and fun thing to be able to offer people.

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I have used Dr Simpson for the last 20 years. I cannot say enough about how friendly, awesome and amazing he AND his staff are. I highly recommend him and his office! Amazing care and people! Terri C.

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