Tooth-colored Filling Candidates By Dr. Tim Simpson on August 01, 2011

Cavities are a common dental problem that people of all ages may have to face. Even if you brush your teeth regularly and floss, you may develop a small cavity that needs to be addressed. Thankfully this is no major issue these days given advances in dental treatment techniques. The use of dental ceramics and special composite materials has allowed dentists to improve the health of the teeth and maintain a natural and aesthetically appealing appearance.

Committed to both the health and the looks of a smile, Abilene cosmetic dentist Dr. Tim Simpson has been using tooth-colored fillings for some time. Tooth-colored fillings are similar to metal fillings of the past in terms of how they operate, but they offer plenty of advantages over metal fillings. We’d like to look at the basics of tooth-colored fillings right now and see who is a good candidate for treatment.

Tooth-colored fillings are made of a special dental care composite material that is the same color as a person’s teeth. This color of the filling can be altered and adjusted as needed in order to seamlessly incorporate it with the rest of a tooth.

Now, we mentioned that tooth-colored fillings have plenty of advantages over metal fillings, so let’s address that right now. First of all, tooth-colored fillings are practically indistinguishable from the teeth, which means that no dark spots are visible when you open your mouth nice and wide. In addition, preparing a tooth for tooth-colored fillings requires less removal of healthy tooth structure than preparing a tooth for a traditional metal filling. It should also be noted that metal fillings can sometimes expand or contract slightly in extremes of temperature, which may affect a tooth’s structure over time. Metal fillings also contained mercury at one time, which is a legitimate health concern to keep in mind.

The best candidates for tooth-colored fillings are essentially people who have cavities and would like to restore the health of their teeth without compromising the appearance of their teeth. Given the dental health and general health issues linked to metal fillings, many people who have metal fillings may be good candidates for having their traditional fillings replaced with tooth-colored fillings.

Those who are undergoing a full smile makeover or mouth restoration are also good candidate for tooth-colored fillings. During a smile makeover, multiple dental treatments are combined in order to achieve a better appearance and better dental health. It’s not uncommon for tooth-colored fillings to be used in a smile makeover alongside Abilene dental implants, porcelain veneers, or a teeth whitening treatment. Determining the best treatment plan for your needs will be done by Dr. Simpson during the consultation process.

If you would like to learn more about tooth-colored fillings as well as the many other options for advanced dental care that we offer, please contact Abilene cosmetic dentist Dr. Tim Simpson today. Our entire team looks forward to meeting with you.

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